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Meet Clare

MCSP HCPC Adv.RYT, MSc SEM, BSc PT, BSc Physiol. DipNT. mANP, DipSMT, DipPT

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  • Sports medicine
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physiologist
  • PhysYoga® creator
  • Advanced yoga teacher
  • Naturopathic nutritional therapist
  • Advanced blood work interpretation
  • Dry needling therapist
  • Joint manipulation specialist

You could say that Clare was born to do a job like this. With a grandfather who was one of the first sports physios in the UK, a mother and grandmother who were hurdlers and a sister who played hockey for Great Britain, sport and fitness runs through every vein in her body.

Raised on this diet, it’s perhaps no surprise that Clare began her professional life as a Specialist Sports Medicine Physio, working with world-class athletes. From pro tennis players like Serena Williams to Welsh Rugby internationals, top-flight footballers and GB hockey athletes, she’s helped them all perform at the peak of their abilities. And if acute injuries called for on-the-spot rehabilitation, Clare was happy to jump on a plane and head to Stuttgart or Sarasota to provide some intensive treatment.

An experienced yoga teacher, Clare has taught her advanced skills to other practitioners in India and beyond – as well as leading classes much closer to home. And by combining yoga with her expertise in sports medicine and physiotherapy, she has developed PhysYoga®, her very own blended approach to rehabilitation.

Highly qualified to treat you

When it comes to health, fitness and rehabilitation, Clare’s knowledge is impressive. Her professional qualifications include BSc Physiology, BSc Physiotherapy and an MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine. She also holds Diplomas in Sports Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Naturopathic Nutrition and qualifications in Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulation and Taping at post-grad level.

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